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Car Accident Lawyers: Most Common Vehicle Injuries In Corpus Christi

Car Accident Attorneys: Common Car Injuries You Should Know About In Corpus Christi

Every year, car accidents result in millions of injuries and thousands of deaths in the US alone. Therefore, it is good for every driver out there to understand how risky being behind the wheel can be to avoid situations that can lead to car accidents. A car accident can lead to significant, fatal or life-threatening injuries. It takes a long time to recover from car accident injuries and the cost of treatment of car accident injuries can be costly. In addition, a person who is injured in a car accident also needs extensive rehabilitation to help him or she regain his or her mobility. Here are some of the common car accident injuries our Corpus Christi car accident attorneys have dealt with:

1. Deep Cuts

A car accident can result in flying debris, twisting metal, broken glass among other sharp hazards. Deep cuts can lead to blood loss and cut to some body parts that can impede the functioning of the muscles and range of motion.

2. Broken Bones

Bone fractures vary depending on their severity and as a result, the methods of treatment used also vary. A slight bone fracture can make the victim slightly incapacitated for a short period of time while a severe compound fracture can make it impossible for the affected person to walk or perform certain functions for some time. Significant fractures usually need extensive physical therapy.

3. Spinal cord injuries

Car accidents usually involve momentum changes, sudden directional shifts and violent turns which can lead to spinal cord injuries. The spinal cord’s main role is to transmit messages from the brain to other parts of the body and its injuries can lead to loss of function such as mobility. Unlike other parts of the body, the spinal cord doesn’t have self-healing powers meaning that a spinal cord injury cannot be cured. A spinal cord injury is permanent and as I said earlier can lead to limited mobility. It can also lead to problems such as decreased range of motion, inability to use limbs, inability to walk, loss of bowel control, inability to control certain bodily functions, inability to control breathing among a host of other problems. Do I have a case?

4. Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury or TBI, in short, refers to any injury caused by external forces acting on the brain. People involved in car accidents usually suffer concussions, penetrating wounds and can also suffer from brain injuries that need extensive treatment. Most of the TBIs have long-lasting effects which include irritability, personality changes, potential head injuries, cognitive problems, sensory processing problems, severe headaches and so on.

5. “Seatbelt Syndrome”

Seatbelts are designed to save lives and they have done this effectively as they have reduced the fatality rate of car accidents. However, many people especially children don’t know how to wear seat belts properly. A seat belt should fall across the top of legs and not across the stomach. It is not good for a seat belt to rest on the stomach as it can damage internal organs and lead to massive internal trauma in case of a sudden crash or slamming on the breaks. This is because of the fact that having the seat belt rest on the stomach can cause a compression effect in the soft part of the stomach in case of a sudden crash or slamming on the breaks.

6. Stress and shock-related injuries

In most cases, people who witness or are involved in a traumatic event experience psychological turmoil. A car accident is among these traumatic events and can leave a driver in shock or lead to lasting psychological damage. If you are injured in a car accident, ensure that you understand the full extent of your injuries. Doctors often provide medical reports to those injured in car accidents. These reports list your injuries, the doctor’s prognosis, and the treatment plan. A medical report and records of all medical expenses are especially important as they increase your chances of succeeding in civil claims for car accidents. If you are injured in a car accident, seek medical attention and then contact a reputable Corpus Christi car accident attorney as soon as possible so that the lawyer can start building your case.

We even cater to cases where a rental may be involved.  If you are in an accident where you may have been in a limo rental or even an uber.  We can handle all your needs.

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What To Do After Your Uber Car Accident in Corpus Christi Texas

Steps To Take Following An Uber Auto Accident in Corpus Christi

Uber drivers aren’t immune to accidents. If you happen to be a passenger in an Uber vehicle that is involved in a crash, or if you are in the other car, there are several steps that you need to take. In addition to dealing with the information listed below, getting in touch with a Corpus Christi auto accident attorney is one of the best steps you can take.

To start, take pictures of the accident, assuming you are not injured and are able to move around. You can even videotape witnesses if you’d like. However, if you are hurt in the accident, do not push yourself. You do not want to injure yourself, even more, trying to get this information.

The most important pieces of information to collect are insurance documentation, the driver’s name and number, and contact information for the witnesses (assuming there are any).

A driver that admits fault at the scene may change their narrative once their lawyer or insurance company has a conversation with them. There have been times that a driver is clearly in the wrong, but they try and pass the blame onto the injured party to avoid taking responsibility.

Uber requires their drivers to go through a background check and show that they are able to follow the rules of the road before they are “hired.” Any driver that gets into an accident and the accident is deemed to be their fault, has the potential to get fired. An Uber driver that values his or her job may attempt to shift blame onto someone else for that reason.

Insurance companies want to believe the best of their drivers. They also don’t want to be responsible for a claim if they don’t have to be. Therefore, if their driver says they weren’t at fault, the insurance company will try to prove that to be the case.

Uber, and other services like it, have become increasingly popular of late. They don’t cost a lot of money and they are very convenient, which is just two of the reasons why people like them. However, when these vehicles are involved in a car accident, things can get a little complicated.

In general, though, if you were hurt in the accident, it is a good idea to get a lawyer on your side. This is true if it was an Uber crash or simply a regular car crash as well.

How can you find an attorney to help you out? Do your research and go online. You can find auto accident lawyers in Corpus Christi and see how their clients, as well as other attorneys, rate them. It is always valuable to see what an attorney’s peers think of him or her.

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What To Do Following A Corpus Christi Auto Accident

Steps To Take After The Other Driver’s Insurance Adjuster Calls You Following An Auto Accident

One of the most common questions that we get asked every day from people who call in for consultation following a car accident is did I mess up by speaking to the insurance adjuster? The first thing to note here is that other than determining exactly what occurred during the crash, there isn’t any requirement or rule that an injured individual has to provide the adverse insurance company with a statement.

Many adjusters attempt to bully their way into getting a recorded statement. They will claim they can’t process the claim unless they have one, or that the file will be closed if they don’t have a recorded statement. Those types of statements can intimidate personal injury victims who then end up giving them a recorded statement that may be used against them. The statements are given to somebody who is trained to taking statements in order to gather information that can be helpful in defending a case against the victim.

Adjusters are often sent to classes by their insurance companies to learn how to get useful responses to help to defend the case. Although an adjuster might be just attempting to collect information, there are some adjusters who are definitely trying to create a defense by asking certain questions.

A Texas court recently ruled that oral settlement agreements from record statements can be enforced against a victim. If the opposing adjuster contacts you and you have serious injuries that you sustained in the accident, at a minimum, you should consult with a car accident lawyer Corpus Christi before you give a recorded statement.

A majority of claims are separated into personal injury and property damage. One adjuster handles the personal injury claim while the property damage is handled by a different adjuster.

Property Damage

It can be a lot simpler to deal with property damage if the guidelines below are followed:

If your car can be repaired, take it to a reputable shop to have it properly fixed and allow the shop to directly deal with the adverse insurance company about the costs.

If you have a totaled vehicle, go to your dealer or online to obtain a realistic value for the car and be prepared with those facts when you discuss with the adjust how much your vehicle is worth. There will be an increase in the fair market value to include the license fees and title tax which the insurance company is required to reimburse you for as well.

Personal Injury

We advise victims to never consider any sort of payment or settlement when they are being treated still for their injuries. With very serious accidents, frequently insurance companies will push for early settlements to shift the risk of loss on extended treatments from them to you. A quick settlement isn’t ever a good idea.

If you still are experiencing problems and haven’t seen a specialist, don’t assume your injury is what the emergency room diagnosed it to be. There are more sophisticated tests like MRIs and CT scans that can reveal diagnoses that were not available to emergency room doctors because most sophisticated test procedures were not run. Be very wary about questions regarding “all of your injuries” at the time that the adjuster inquires when you don’t even know how extensive your injuries are. You are not a physician and emergency room treatment isn’t for ongoing help. It is for emergencies. Don’t get trapped into telling an adjuster about your injuries when you don’t know how extensive they are.

If you do provide a recorded statement understand that everything that you say can be used against you in your trial. A recorded statement can’t help you but can definitely hurt you at the trial.

If you feel obligated to provide the adjuster with information about the accident, consider refusing to give a recorded statement and allow the adjuster to take notes instead. The chances are much less that it will be used against you since the adjuster would need to appear as a witness at the trial.

Causation of Your Accident

One thing that adjusters always ask about in a recorded statement is to question how you perceived the accident. They often will ask you leading questions like “when did you first see the other car?” or “when did you first step on the brakes” or “what types of invasive actions were taken by you?” In all of those cases, they are making assumptions about facts that might not be accurate. They are obviously hoping to get admissions from you that can help them shift at least part of the responsibility for the crash to you.

Texas is a jurisdiction that uses comparable responsibility, which means that everyone’s actions get measured in order to determine fault in an accident. Any negligence that is attributed to a victim will tend to reduce the amount of money the can recover in their case.

Useful Tips

Do not provide the adverse adjuster with a recorded statement. If you feel obligated to provide the adjuster with information, insist that it not be recorded and be taken orally instead.

If your car can be repaired, let the shop to directly deal with the adverse insurance company about repairs and payment.

If your vehicle is totaled, be prepared with a valuation amount based on facts that support your vehicle’s valuation.

Don’t consider a settlement when you are being treated still for your injuries unless the statute of limitations is about to expire.

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The Different Auto Insurance Policies You Should Look Into For Protection

The Two Types of Auto Insurance Texas Families Should Have

In the state of Texas, automobile insurance is nothing short of disastrous. Insurance costs continue to go up while claim amounts paid continue to go down. Insurance companies are profiting off the backs of hard-working families and there is a good reason why. Most people are simply not aware that Texas is home to some of the highest auto insurance premiums in the country. Besides this, Texas insurers are some of the least generous when it comes to paying out claims.

When automobile insurers become profiteers, it is the families and the people of the state who fast become the losers. There are states in the US that take a very proactive role at requiring insurance companies to pay out certain amounts on the money paid into premiums. An approach like this does several things. The main one is keeping auto insurance prices down while simplifying the claims handling process for people in need.

The odds of getting into an accident with an uninsured driver in Texas is greater than in many other states. This is why it is important to have the two types of insurance coverage described below.

As mentioned above, Texans can get relief from high-cost auto insurance by making insurance companies pay out higher premium dollars collected when customers make claims. Aside from this, you have to protect your family against getting into accidents with uninsured motorists.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured motorist insurance coverage provides the protection needed in the event you get involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist. There are many people who buy auto insurance just to get their vehicles licensed. Once this objective is met, they stop making payments and void their coverage altogether. In Texas, there are approximately 1.6 million uninsured drivers.

This number falls somewhere in between the upper percentage of all states. But, the number of people residing in Texas make the odds of getting into an accident with an uninsured driver a likely possibility. This is why It is crucial to buy uninsured motorist coverage. It is one way to protect your family against getting into an accident with an uninsured or underinsured individual.

PIP Or Personal Injury Protection

This form of protection may cost extra but it is extremely valuable if you get in an accident and have to pay medical expenses out-of-pocket. It helps if you lose wages following an accident. In fact, PIP protection is very helpful for lost wages because once your employer verifies your income, the insurer will reimburse you up to 80 percent of your limits.

There are also insurers that will pay medical coverage but it may not be as good as PIP. This is because the med-pay coverage requires being paid back once you collect money from the individual responsible for the accident.

If you need more information about this, contact an auto accident lawyer Corpus Christi. Make sure to meet with your insurance professional once a year to assess your needs and get a new quote for coverage.

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