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Getting Compensated For Work Injuries With A Corpus Christi Construction Accidents Attorney

Securing Compensation For Workplace Injury Victims Alongside A Corpus Christi Construction Accidents Attorney

Though lots of different lines of work present the potential for serious physical injury, construction jobs and the construction industry, in general, tend to be amongst the most hazardous of all. Roughly 150,000 individuals experience on-the-job construction injuries every year, and the sector is responsible for the greatest number of accident-related deaths, based on OSHA data. Laborers in the construction realm must confront a series of distinct hurdles in terms of getting the compensation they deserve. Because accident sites in Texas tend to change quickly, key evidence is often disrupted in the aftermath of an incident. Litigation in this area of the law can also be challenging due to the numerous relationships that exist between contractors, subcontractors, employees, vendors, engineers etc.

What A Construction Accidents Lawyer In Corpus Christi Can Do To Help

The Law Office of Jerry J. Trevino is staffed Corpus Christi Construction Accidents Attorneys who understand construction site accidents and how best to secure the compensation that victims need. Because construction accidents are known for the devastating injuries they yield, many workers find themselves unable to return to work in their previous capacity, if at all. The financial difficulties that follow can be severe indeed. The construction attorneys with our firm align with subject matter experts able to conduct thorough investigations into what occurred and formulate convincing legal arguments on every client’s behalf. While numerous federal regulations exist in order to keep construction sites as safe as possible, not every party is familiar with them. Should you find yourself involved in an accident that has produced serious harm, the best way to obtain full and fair compensation is to form a relationship with an attorney who grasps the nuances of construction law. In most cases, workers compensation law will apply, so knowledge in this practice area is key.

Typical Corpus Christi Construction Site Accident Scenarios

Given our firm’s substantial experience with construction site accident cases, we are fully prepared to handle a variety of incident types, including those related to:

* Ladder falls

* Scaffolding collapses

* Construction equipment tip-overs and collisions

* Trench Collapses

* Defective machinery or equipment

* Electrical burns and shock events

* Explosives mishaps

* Slip and fall incidents on site

If a construction site accident ensnares you or a loved one, the medical expenses, lost wages, and reduced earning capacity going forward can be crippling. Catastrophic harm regularly comes from these types of incidents, and this can include spinal cord damage, traumatic injury to the brain, severe fractures, internal organ damage and even death. Our Corpus Christi Construction Accidents Attorneys engage in a comprehensive investigation of the facts at hand to determine any and all parties that may share in the responsibility. It may be that a workers compensation claim, as well as a third-party claim for damages, will both be applicable in a given matter.

The Intersection Of Workers Comp And Third Party Litigation

Though securing compensation through the worker’s compensation system does not demand that you establish negligence on the part of an employer, the end result is typically less compensation than a traditional injury lawsuit might bring. Thus, it is not uncommon for our firm to examine whether a third-party negligence claim might be available in addition to a workers compensation claim. There are many parties other than the claimant’s direct employer who may share in the blame for losses sustained. These might include:

* General contracting firms

* Sub-contractors

* Equipment manufacturers

* Engineers

* Architects

* Property owners

Make Contact With A Corpus Christi Construction Accidents Attorney

It is quite possible that our firm can assist in your quest to secure payment for medical costs, lost income, physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, spousal relationships, ongoing therapy and more. We will carefully assess the specifics of your event to determine precisely what might be recoverable on your behalf. A Corpus Christi construction accidents attorney with the Law Offices of Jerry J. Trevino is prepared to leave no stone unturned when it comes to searching for the truth and identifying every single negligent party. By establishing a strong working relationship with a seasoned construction accident practitioner in Texas, you can rest assured that your matter receives the attention and zealous advocacy required. Construction site incidents can alter the lives of victims and their entire families forever, and that is why nothing should be left to chance. Whether you are in Corpus Christi or a surrounding community, we stand ready to offer a no-cost initial consultation. Make sure to contact a Corpus Christi Construction Accidents Attorney right now for legal representation. Call us at (361) 882-5605.

A Corpus Christi Personal Injury Lawyer Speaks On Construction Site Accidents

Construction Site Injuries & Accidents Caused By Falling Objects

Construction site injuries are common. These injuries, which can not only affect workers but also people visiting the site or passing by, are often caused by falling objects. While there are many different ways that people could get injured on a typical job site, being struck by items falling from above is one of the most common scenarios. Unfortunately, these types of accidents often lead to serious injuries or death. Although many different types of items can fall from above at a construction site, some of the most common include tools, loads that are improperly secured on cranes or lifts, and loose building materials.

Injuries To Construction Workers

Construction workers spend a lot of time at the job site. It is no wonder, then, that they are the ones most commonly affected by falling objects. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) published statistics showing that 1/5 of worker deaths in 2013 happened in the construction industry. According to OSHA, the top four ways that construction workers were killed include the following:

  • Being electrocuted
  • Being crushed between objects
  • Falling
  • Being struck by falling items

10% of the construction workers who died on the job in 2013 were killed after being struck by an object falling from above. 78 workers lost their lives to falling objects and falling debris in 2012. In 2013, that number rose to 84 construction workers. If you are wondering whether you have a case, check out our site.

Pedestrian Injuries

Construction workers aren’t the only ones who can be struck by falling objects. People walking by construction sites often become victims when items fall from above. These accidents are common in the following situations:

  1. There is a sidewalk located directly next to or in front of the construction site.
  2. There are inadequate barricades to keep pedestrians from getting too close to where the work is being performed.
  3. Pedestrians make their way onto job sites in the evenings or on weekends when no one is around.
  4. Building inspectors visiting the site don’t protect themselves with the proper gear before touring the site.

Places Where Construction Site Accidents Can Occur Due To Falling Objects

Most construction site owners erect barriers or put tape up around dangerous areas, warning people to stay away. For pedestrians, a good rule of thumb is to cross the street whenever possible to avoid walking directly next to a construction site.

  • High-Rise Buildings

When skyscrapers or high-rise buildings are under construction, most of the work is done up high above the ground. Oftentimes, tools, building materials, debris, and other objects can fall from great heights, posing a serious threat to anyone on the ground. Wind can also contribute to the problem, causing objects to fall.

  • Sidewalks Next To Construction Sites

When a sidewalk passes directly next to a construction site, it is often covered by scaffolding or a wooden structure that is designed to keep objects from striking pedestrians. Uncovered sidewalks, however, can still pose a major danger.

  • Buildings That Are Being Renovated

When older buildings are renovated, work often needs to be done on the upper levels of the building. This can pose a danger to anyone standing down on the ground. Anything that is dropped from a great height can cause serious injuries or death.

Safety Measures That Can Help Prevent Injuries From Falling Objects In Construction Sites

Contractors, construction companies, and site owners are all responsible for creating a safe environment for workers and pedestrians. Failing to take the proper safety measures can leave a company liable if anyone is injured, resulting in the need for a construction accidents lawyer. Here are some of the steps that construction companies can take to help prevent injuries from falling objects:

  • Placing barriers around dangerous areas.
  • Verifying that all equipment is in good working order.
  • Placing warning signs prominently around the construction site.
  • Making sure all objects and tools are properly secured.
  • Using netting or scaffolding to provide protection from items falling from overhead.

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Hiring A Workplace Injury Attorney For Construction Site Accidents In Corpus Christi

When To Hire A Workplace Injury Attorney For Construction Site Accidents

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration inspects workplace safety in over 50,000 locations every year. Regardless, well over 4,500 job site deaths have occurred in some recent years (such as 2011). Close to 1,000 of those fatalities were experienced on construction sites. The OSHA has revealed their findings on the most common situations that have to lead to construction site accidents and deaths. They are now involved in a campaign to actively fight against the problem. If you have fallen victim to any electrocutions, falls, collisions, or any situation where you’ve been trapped, you may need to seek legal counsel through a workplace injury attorney. Here’s even more detailed info to help you understand the issues at hand:

Construction Site Falls

Based on info from OSHA, job sites with more effort put towards fall protection could save at least 400 lives on an annual basis. Falls are commonly caused by unguarded rebar, openings in walls, unsecured ladders, holes in flooring, and rough edges. Injuries attributed to failing are responsible for about one-third of all the construction fatalities in the US. Most construction sites have a number of the conditions described above by their nature, but there’s still a large degree of improper precautionary measures from one job to the next.

Falls can lead to a number of different physical problems. Concussions, sprains, and broken bones are unfortunately the best case scenario. Paralysis and spinal cord damage are also both common. In order to prevent fall-related accidents and injuries, holes and exposed edges must be tended to. Railing and ladders must also be checked for security. If there are enough preventative measures on the job site, the likelihood of falling will be reduced significantly.

Electrical Construction Injuries

When it comes to the United States alone, there are hundreds and hundreds of deaths pertaining to electrical accidents every year. Construction sites are the main contributor. Improper grounding, downed power lines, poor handling of equipment, and damaged power cords all play a large part in the most frequent forms of electrical incidents. Based upon OSHA standard, no worker should be working with any form of electrical tools or near any circuits unless they are well protected.

In order to avoid problems like those detailed above, it’s important to recognize the electrical hazards of every construction site and label them clearly. No workers should be allowed to use faulty power tools or machinery; regular maintenance is integral to everyone’s safety. It’s also important to make sure every worker has the proper training to handle electrical jobs with respect and caution. If there’s a deep understanding of how electrical circuits work and the safest uses of any tools and machinery, potential mistakes will be less likely.

Object Collision Accidents

Next up, collisions, where workers are struck by random objects, are also worryingly common. A wealth of injuries and even deaths have been caused by workers that were hit by any number of job site objects. This has included everything from vehicles to large falling loads of bricks, metal beams, and so on. In order to avoid accidents of this nature, drivers should not operate any vehicle with obstructed vision. Lifting machines such as cranes must also be sure to only be loaded to capacity at the most.

Pinning Construction Accidents

Finally, pinning construction accidents are also a frequent contributor to injuries and fatalities. Many poorly run job sites have resulted in workers being pinned between objects such as a moving vehicle and a wall. With more awareness and general safety precautions, these incidents can be avoided. If you find you’ve been a victim of any of these scenarios, however, be sure to get in touch with a workplace injury attorney as soon as possible.

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Addressing OSHA’s Guidelines & Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents And OSHA: Consult Our Personal Injury Attorney in Corpus Christi

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is part of the Department of Labor. It was created in 1970 for the purpose of preventing work-related illnesses, injuries, and occupational fatalities. They mainly do this through the creation and enforcement of workplace safety standards. The federal regulations cover both public and private sector employment. It isn’t surprising that the organization along with its edicts are controversial quite often. Employers often complain that these regulations are prohibitive and too expensive. However, studies have shown that long-term benefits come in the form of reduced costs when companies have fewer onsite injuries and workman’s compensation claims as a result of adhering to the regulations. Let’s take a look at some of the recent standards that have been endorsed by OSHA for construction worksites.

  • A series of measures have been developed by OSHA to help prevent outdoor workers from developing heat illnesses when the heat index goes over 91 degrees.
  • Standards have been developed by OSHA to ensure the safety of personnel working on crane hoisted platforms – which is common on sites that are erecting skyscrapers.
  • A company was recently fined by OSHA for failing to be in compliance with standards for preventing cave-ins (for numerous scenarios involving workers who work below ground).

OSHA has also set standards for things ranging from permissible protective equipment to bloodborne pathogens, to exposure to asbestos to mandatory safety training.

Safety regulations must be posted and be visible for employees in addition to being included in employee handbooks. A majority of companies require their employees to initial or indicate in some way that they have read all of the safety requirements that pertain to the job they will be performing.

OSHA ultimately plays a very important role in making sure that Americans stay safe while at work.

Also, following a serious injury due to a construction accident or on the job injury, Corpus Christi personal injury attorneys can use the violation of OSHA rules as a powerful tool when representing their clients.

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