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Recognizing The Most Dangerous Jobs In Corpus Christi

Discover Which 5 Occupations In Corpus Christi Are The Most Dangerous

Corpus Christi has a very healthy job market and this benefits many people in the region. It also has quite a lot of commercial activity and commerce which further makes this a great place. The majority of the businesses and the work available are in heavy industry and this can sometimes be dangerous work. As a matter of fact, this city sees excessive injuries in the workplace and even some deaths each year.

Corpus Christi is a city that experiences a high level of injuries in the workplace and we have developed National recognition towards advocating on behalf of victims and their loved ones. Consequently, we have leveraged more than a hundred years of combined experience that helps with the many clients who have been injured in the course of performing their work. On behalf of families who have lost a loved one in a fatal accident while engaged at work, our efforts continue to try and help those as well. We, therefore, know what jobs have the greatest risk and this experience allows us to better help those going through this situation and the victims to pursue getting properly compensated for it.

What Are The Most Dangerous Occupations In Corpus Christi

1. The oil industry is absolutely one of the biggest in the area. There are jobs related to production, refining, distribution, extraction and unfortunately, these are all among some of the most dangerous jobs in the area. According to the US Department of Labor, there are literally thousands upon thousands of injuries which involve workers in the oil fields around distribution and refining of crude oil. This industry is also plagued by explosions and fires that further cause serious injuries.

2. Offshore occupations related to the oil industry are extremely dangerous and regularly expose workers to potential dangers and injuries. Those who work in offshore jobs are at risk of catastrophic injury and even wrongful death.

3. This area also has quite a few commercial and residential construction jobs because of its job opportunities. In these jobs, workers are exposed to dangers such as electrocution, falls, injuries related to working with machinery and other equipment and even objects that fall to the ground on top of someone. According to OSHA, there are as many as 200,000 injuries suffered by construction workers and in recent years over a hundred people that have died Statewide.

4. The transportation industry is another of those thriving in Corpus Christi. Having to transport heavy vehicles and hazardous materials those that work in the industry have a high rate of injury and even fatal incidents. Even those that are involved in services in the transportation of goods face similar risk that the other drivers do when traveling public roads and highways.

5. Plant workers are considered to be in a completely different segment of the workforce but they too are at high risk for injury and even sometimes death. They often handle hazardous material and work with heavy machinery and they come in close proximity to live electricity. In fact, some of the most catastrophic workplace events have been in plants and other similar facilities.

In Conclusion

Even though the occupations that we have been speaking about have substantially higher risk than some other jobs, any employee can be injured while working on the job. It is especially dangerous when third parties fail to live up to the safety regulations required or failed to ensure that the worker is in a safe environment. It is important if you are loved one has been injured in a work-related accident that you know what your legal rights are. In many cases, you can be fully compensated. But time is important in these situations and therefore you are strongly encouraged to quickly bring your situation to a personal injury attorney in Corpus Christi so that they can immediately advise you on a plan of action. You can get started today by simply contacting us and getting a free consultation.

Backhoe Construction Accidents

Heavy Equipment Accidents

Every year, there are a significant number of accidents that occur at construction sites in Corpus Christi, Texas. Due to their nature, when these backhoe construction accidents happen, they will usually involve serious injuries and even fatalities. Individuals should understand how these kinds of accidents happen and also critical details involved.

Backhoe Dangers

One of the most common types of construction equipment at building sites are Backhoes. Their operators must follow strict safety procedures, as failure to do so can place both the operator and other workers in the area at serious risk. Overloading backhoes is a common problem – they have specific weight and dimension requirements for their use, but when they are overloaded, any excessive weight can create a situation of instability of the unit, which can cause serious accidents. Unfortunately, even when construction site workers take all precautions, accidents can still happen.

Common ways in which workers are injured by backhoes include being hit by the moving machine, swinging booms, or other machine components. Backhoes have been known to cause injury or death due to slides into trenches, rollovers during sharp turns, or on uneven or steep slopes. There are reports of serious harm caused by electrocution (Due to underground or overhead power cables), and not surprisingly, defective or poorly maintained equipment.

Backhoe Safety

To avoid being injured or killed in a backhoe accident, there are a number of precautions that can be followed.

  • Before operating any backhoe, the operator should thoroughly inspect it. Proper maintenance will maximize the equipment’s performance.
  • Seat Belts. An operator should always wear their seat belts because if they are not properly secured, they can fall out of the machine.
  • Be Aware of Dangers. Backhoes are always at a high risk of becoming caught up in power lines or trees. Operators should carefully review their surroundings before operating any equipment.
  • Safety Zone. Create a safety zone around the backhoe, and do not operate the equipment when other workers are in the working are, because the machine can move in unexpected ways and strike them.

Who is at fault for a construction accident?

Anyone worker who has been involved in a construction accident, no matter how serious, knows how painful and expensive it can be. Sometimes it is hard to determine who is really at fault, and therefore who will be responsible for medical expenses and covering lost income during recovery. That is usually the last thing on the victim’s mind but it is the most important aspect since it can determine his/her future quality of life.

The answer to this question can include a wide range of people and can also depend on the scope and the size of the construction project you were involved in. A large number of projects are managed by entire organizations and can be based on contracts managed by contractors and sub-contractors. In determining the responsible parties and who is liable for your injuries, workers will need to look at the duties of the individuals involved such as:

  • The owner of the construction site.
  • The contractors and subcontractors.
  • The engineers and architects of the project.

What to do if you’ve been hurt in a construction accident:

If you are involved in a construction accident in Corpus Christi, you can claim damages pertaining to any injuries sustained from operating heavy machinery. Get medical attention immediately to diagnose and treat your condition.

Contact a Corpus Christi personal injury attorney so that you can claim for the damages you deserve.