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Auto Accident on St. Patrick’s Day?

A Wonderful Holiday can Turn Tragic.

St. Patrick’s Day is is a strange holiday, celebrated all over the United States. We imagine scenes of leprechauns and shamrocks, green sequins and redheads, and of course Irish pubs! Lots of golden beverages are found at the end of the rainbow and consumed, bringing out the Irish in many an individual, and creating lots of good times and laughter. But there is a dark side to the green and gold. The St. Patrick’s Day holiday can become a dangerous time of the year for drivers in Corpus Christi with an increase of personal injury and auto accidents.

A Little Background.

The early years of St. Patrick’s Day were celebrated by small Irish communities, looking to get together and show their national pride in their new homeland of America. As would be expected, the festivities grew from these local get-togethers to large city-then-national holidays as millions took the opportunity to celebrate a common sense of identity. Along with participation in the celebrations on St. Patrick’s Day usually comes having one or two drinks, which may be quite ok, as long as the consumers do not decide to get into their cars and drive afterward.

A Big Problem.

Those who decide to do so contribute to statistics which are not so jovial or festive. In 2010 for example, crashes related to alcohol took a life every hour on St. Patrick’s Day, accounting for a staggering 32% of all fatalities during that 24-hour time period.

Those numbers are also reflected in the Corpus Christi area, which has an enormous drunk driving problem, demonstrated by a recent report from 24/7 Wall Street – an opinion and news website which in 2015 named Corpus Christi the “Drunkest City in Texas.”

We would like all our neighbors in Corpus Christi to be safe, to have a good time, and even more importantly, to make right decisions regarding getting to and from the pub. If you will be going out for St. Patrick’s Day, then enjoy yourself, but do plan ahead for how you will return home, and make sure your plan does not require you or someone you are with driving drunk. You may make the right choices and do the right thing by not drinking and driving, but there should be no assumption that others on the road will do the same.

We can help.

If you become involved in an auto accident during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday and are injured, please contact us right away! We can establish what led up to the accident that caused your injuries, and also establish the responsible party. It is always possible that alcohol was involved in the accident, but even if it turned out not to be the case, it is possible that negligence or irresponsible behavior of the other driver led to your injury. The most important thing is about you and your rights, and it is our intention to do our very best in an effort to help you to recover compensation for any pain and suffering you may have endured. All you may have been doing is simply trying to get home after a wonderful night out, but the poor decisions made by someone else have now seriously impacted your life, your livelihood, and the lives of all those who depend on you.

When you are in need of a personal injury attorney in Corpus Christi, Harligen and the Coastal Bend area, contact us right away. Our experienced team has the knowledge to represent you properly and be of tremendous assistance to help you and your loved ones to return to a normal way of life as soon as is possible. We always treat every client as an individual, giving personal attention and respect for your individual case.