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How To Approach Your Ride-sharing Accident

Are You The Victim Of A Corpus Christi Ride-Sharing Crash?

There can be no doubt about the massive popularity of ride-sharing services across the country. The notion that a car can be summoned at virtually any time or place appeals to so many and has really taken the industry by storm. Riders everywhere love the convenience, affordability, and simplicity these companies provide.

With the growth of Corpus Christi has come an alarming uptick in the volume of crashes involving ride-sharing cars. In fact, our firm continues to receive an ever-increasing number of phone calls relating to Lyft and Uber collisions.

Should you find yourself the victim of a ride-share accident, there is no substitute for enlisting the help of a skilled lawyer. No matter if you were hit by a rideshare company driver or were hurt while a passenger in such a vehicle, securing aggressive representation can make all the difference in your financial recovery.

The attorneys with our firm are committed to making the process of filing a claim as easy as possible for victims. We work to ensure that our caseload is right-sized so that we can provide the type of client service we know you deserve.

Should we accept your matter, we will do everything possible to obtain maximum financial compensation for your claim while you concentrate on the recovery and healing process. The true valuation of your claim will be dependent on a range of factors, but we will work hard to get every dollar to which you are entitled.

Is An Injury Attorney Really Necessary?

Some accident events are such that attorneys need not be involved. When liability is obvious, injuries are minor and insurance carriers are not disputing the resulting claim, the help of an attorney is perhaps unnecessary. However, if the injuries caused in an accident are of a serious nature, skilled advocacy is likely essential.

Most insurance companies strive to minimize and even deny claims, particularly when the claimant lacks legal representation. They may try to convince the injured party that they are looking out for their best interest when this is not the case.

Assistance For Victims Of Ride-Share Accidents

The Law Offices of Jerry J. Trevino is staffed by professionals who have been dedicated to protecting the rights of injury victims for more than thirty years. Our track record speaks for itself in terms of the impressive results obtained for the clients we choose to represent. We are proud to provide no-cost consultations and take cases on a contingency basis. This means that clients will owe no legal fees unless and until we are able to secure a settlement or verdict in their favor.

If you have suffered serious harm caused by a rideshare company driver, there is no time for delay. Contacting a Corpus Christi car accident attorney is a great first step in fighting for the compensation and accountability to which all accident victims are entitled. Call now for immediate assistance!