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A Corpus Christi Truck Accident Lawyers Talks About The Reasons Why Airbags Are Important?

A Corpus Christi Truck Accident Lawyer Covers The Reasons We Need Airbags

Safety measures for vehicles have improved significantly since the late 19th century when the first gas-powered vehicles start to wobble down dirt roads. The airbag is among the most significant vehicle safety developments. Since airbags were first patented in 1951, they have been installed in near vehicle that is able to hold one. Everyone knows about them, but it seems as though many individuals take for granted their effectiveness. We trust that the airbag will keep us safe and don’t think about what they actually do or how complex they are.  If you are in this article, I will be discussing these points and try to debunk some of the common misunderstandings.

Hitting An Airbag Is Like Landing On A Pillow

One common misconception that many drivers have is that an airbag is basically a cushion that you feel during a collision. Although it is understandable why people think that, unfortunately, it isn’t true. When an airbag is hit is definitely softer compared to hitting a steering wheel or dashboard, but the explosive inflation feels more like a punch instead of a pillow. What happens during a frontal collision is the vehicles stop moving, but the occupants inside of the car continue to go forward. If there is nothing in their way, then the individuals in the front seats will end up striking the steering wheel or dashboard of the car, which when hit at a high speed are not very forgiving surfaces. In a worst case scenario, some might even be ejected through the windshield of the car. In order to counteract, airbags must use explosive force to inflate in order to create a large surface area for catching the driver. That has to be achieved in a couple hundredths of a second.

Airbags and Commercial Truck Injuries

Anything that moves fast enough while colliding with a human body – a baseball, a bullet, or anything – can injure it. It is no different from an airbag being deployed. Bodily flying into a blood that explodes forcefully outward at you will feel kind of like being shot by a pillow that was fired by a bazooka. Bruises, fractured ribs, and broken noses are very common in accidents where airbags were deployed. Although that might sound grim, anyone who was injured in that way still prefers that instead of the alternatives. There is less risk of there being deployment-related injuries with modern airbag systems compared to ones in the past. However, they still are more complicated than they appear. If anything happens to go wrong while they are being deployed, they could be very dangerous or rendered useless. If you are ever injured in an accident involving a commercial truck, you should contact a Corpus Christi truck accident lawyer right away.

They Are Not Failure-Proof Either

Some people might think an airbag is simple. How complex could a balloon be after all? For party clowns the answer might be “not very,” however more is involved with an airbag. There are several things that need to occur very precisely within 30 to 40 milliseconds of the airbag deploying. Sensors have to communicate data from the collision (direction, speed) to each other. The Electronic Control Unit (or ECU) has to trigger the detonation of the bag inflator. The actual bag will need to completely inflate within one heartbeat of time. This process requires there to be split-second interactions in between electrical elements, electronics, and also explosive materials. The difference between living and dying can sometimes be as brief as .07 seconds. If the sensor on an airbag is slow in relaying a signal over to the ECU, triggers late, or it isn’t calibrated properly, that split second may be enough time to cause serious damage. It is possible, even if rare, for shorts in electrical relays or software bugs to cause these delays. Although damage to electric systems may occur at times from regular wear and tear, manufacturer negligence is often the cause of faulty electronics. Going over a couple of bumps doesn’t account for serious malfunctions.

Don’t Take Your Airbag For Granted

It might appear that I am claiming that airbags do more damage than good. That isn’t the impression that I’m trying to convey. In most cases, airbags do deploy correctly and save lives that could have been cut short otherwise. I am just saying that the technology is not perfect. If the massive Takata recall campaign has taught us anything, it is we need to be responsible for our safety rather than just trusting we will be rescued from our own mistakes by safety measures.

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A Car Accident Lawyer In Corpus Christi Names The Top Things That Cause Truck Accidents

Corpus Christi Car Lawyer: The Top Reasons for Truck Accidents

Trucking accidents often lead to catastrophic injuries or death of the motor vehicle driver, its passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians. The weight and volume of a commercial truck create a significant threat to everyone on the roadways of Texas. In 2015, more than 415,000 accidents involved large trucks. Of these accidents, there were approximately 83,000 injuries and 3,598 fatalities. Texas’s major highway has thousands of big rigs on them every day of the week. Learning the main causes of truck accidents can help reduce your risk of being in an accident with a big rig as you travel the streets and highways of our beloved Lone Star State. If you are interested in learning more about a car accident lawyer Corpus Christi and the services we provide, check our site.

Driving Under the Influence

Truck drivers face long, isolating drives along with the pressure and stress of demanding employers. They do not get to spend a lot of time with their loved ones and often experience a variety of health issues, such as obesity, sleep apnea, and diabetes. The CDC reports that approximately 69 percent of all truck drivers are obese and 17 percent of truck drivers are morbidly obese. A lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet contributes to obesity in truckers, which can lead to a number of health issues.

Physical Illnesses

Truck drivers who deal with physical illnesses, isolation and job-related stress are at an increased risk of turning to drugs and alcohol to help them cope. The legal blood alcohol content levels for commercial truck drivers in Texas is 0.04 percent. Unfortunately, hundreds of truckers are driving Texas roads with alcohol and drugs in their systems. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol not only endangers the trucker’s life but it also endangers everyone driving on the roadway. The size of these large rigs can totally obliterate small cars, resulting in injuries or death. Learn more about Jerry J. Trevino the car accident lawyer Corpus Christi has.

Drowsy Driving

Although the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates the number of hours that a commercial driver can make, it can still lead to drowsy driving. Truck drivers may not exceed 11 hours of driving each day. Unfortunately, many truck drivers driver longer than this. Additionally, truckers can experience sleeping difficulties due to the irregularity of their driving shifts or experience sleep apnea. Finally, most truck drivers do not get eight hours of sleep each night. This can result in a driver who is fatigued and drives drowsy. The fleet managers of trucking companies can be very demanding and offer bonuses to truck drivers who beat their deadlines, resulting in dangerous driving situations. When a trucker is drowsy, their reaction times can slow or they could fall asleep while at the wheel, resulting in a deadly accident.

Distracted and Negligent Driving

Truckers, like all other drivers, can make a mistake while at the wheel. If a trucker drives distracted or negligently, he puts the drivers of all vehicles on the road in danger. The FMCSA has a rule that bans texting and driving by truck drivers. If a truck driver is caught texting and driving, he can face hefty fines and can be disqualified from driving. A truck driver who is distracted is 23.3 times more likely to cause an accident than those who do not text and drive.

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Our Attorney Addresses Commercial Truck Accident Liability In Corpus Christi

Who Is Liable In A Commercial Truck Accident?

The losses and injuries that are sustained by people who are in accidents that involve commercial motor vehicles are quite similar to – but frequently more serious than – the accidents that are associated with regular car crashes. However, it is much more complicated to determine who is responsible for the damages when commercial vehicles such as large trucks are involved. Because it is so difficult to determine who is legally responsible it places commercial trucking accident victims at risk to not receive full compensation for the injuries they have sustained.

Potential Responsible Parties In Commercial Vehicle Crashes

Each truck accident incident is different. To determine who might be held responsible for the damages that are sustained in an auto accident, the best thing to do is speak with an experienced truck accident attorney Corpus Christi. The Law Offices Of Jerry J. Trevino are available for consultations. Some of the more common possibilities include the following:

The Truck Driver:

The most obvious and first possibility is the other drive in a motor vehicle accident, and that is whether it involves big rigs or passenger cars. However, it is a more complicated analysis whenever it involves commercial vehicles. Who bears responsibility for the actions of the driver will depend on various factors, which include whether a truck driver is an independent owner-operator or an employee.

The Trucking Company:

There are a number of different ways that a trucking company might be held responsible for an accident involving a commercial motor vehicle. When the drive is employed by a company, the trucking company might have vicarious liability – the company might be responsible just due to the fact that the responsible driver acts on behalf of his company. Other ways that a trucking company can be held responsible if there was faulty maintenance on the vehicle, failure to comply with any laws, poor policies, inadequate training, or other negligence that contributed or create the problem causing the accident.

The Truck Dealer and/or Manufacturer:

If there are any defects in the manufacture or design of the truck that contributed to or caused the accident, then the seller, manufacturer or anyone else within the supply chain might be held liable for the damages. That is also true for the seller, manufacturers or others that are involved in the supply chain for defective parts that might have contributed to the commercial vehicle accident.

The Customer:

Frequently commercial trucks carry materials and goods across the country and throughout states. If the goods present a hazard or are unreasonably dangerous due to the trucking company not being provided with adequate information, improper packaging or other negligence, then the customer might be held fully or partially responsible for the accident.

Multiple parties might share responsibility in some cases. If one of the parties is overlooked when a truck accident claim is being pursued it can result in an outright loss or less-than-full compensation.

Difficulties Determining Liability in Commercial Trucking Accident Cases

In commercial truck crash cases, determining liability is complicated by the fact that there are multiple potential responsible parties. However, there are other obstacles as well.

Gathering Evidence for a Truck Accident Case

It can be difficult to gather evidence for a truck accident case. That is partially due to the fact that commercial trucks are reparable and often are put back into service as soon as possible. Repairs are made and there could be new wear and tear, which can make it hard to determine what the vehicle’s condition was when the accident occurred.

Some trucking companies, as well as other potentially responsible parties, might also obscure evidence intentionally, by throwing parts away when a truck is repaired, or relevant records being misplaced or creating other barriers to evidence being gathered.

Locating and identifying witnesses following any kind of motor vehicle accident also can be difficult, and can become even harder as more time goes by.

Analyzing Evidence Following A Commercial Truck Accident

Specific expertise is usually required to assess the evidence that is part of a commercial trucking accident case, and often in multiple areas. Some of the areas might include vehicle mechanics and other potentially defective component parts, industry safety standards, and accident reconstruction.

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How Trucking Companies Are Lowing Truck Accident Rates & The Need For A Corpus Christi Truck Accident Lawyer

Ways In Which Technology Is Being Used by Trucking Firms To Lower Accident Rates

It is hard to dispute the fact that technology can and does save lives in a number of different ways. A substantial number of preventable accidents are being eliminated via the use of technological advances that include lane departure notifications, automatic braking and improved and instant driver data.

Though not all firms have taken advantage of the newest improvements, several major companies in the trucking business have in fact adopted Dash Cams and other tools to boost safety and keep costly accident litigation at bay.

According to the American Trucking Association, more than 3.5 million truck operators are on the roads in the United States. These professionals are responsible for hauling more than 75 percent of the nation’s total freight each year. It is difficult to deny that trucking is a lifeline for millions, and is a vital part of the economy. However, it should also be noted that, based on numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly 15 percent of on-the-job fatalities annually are suffered by those who drive trucks.

Cost Cutting Through Technology

Firms have begun conducting tests on certain technological innovations in an effort to cut the costs of litigation as well as insurance. In-cab cameras have shown great promise in helping keep drivers accountable and in rapidly assessing accident scenarios soon after they happen. Because drivers are often afraid, to be honest in the aftermath of a crash, having camera footage of the incident can help companies get to the truth.

Carriers are also finding great value in electronic applications that permit supervisors and inspectors to access logs that include trip itineraries and driver hours of service in the previous days and weeks. Major trucking firms are discovering that this type of technology boosts regulatory compliance success and also lowers overall costs once completely integrated.

Manufacturer-Side Tech Adoption

The major manufacturers of heavy trucks have gotten on board with technology by integrating options such as sensors capable of detecting tire pressure problems and lane departures. Rear camera functions and backup sensors add an additional layer of accident prevention. Though these features do come at a cost, trucking firms are arriving at the realization that compared to accident litigation and settlements negotiated by a truck accident lawyer Corpus Christi injury victims might utilize, their price is actually quite low.

Large Fleets Are Tech Forerunners

It is the larger trucking firms that have been the first ones to acknowledge the benefits of crash prevention technologies. Because drivers are in short supply, it is more important than ever for firms to employ tech tools to monitor operators who have less experience behind the wheel. Because trucking accidents and resulting lawsuits can be incredibly costly propositions, the use of technology to ensure that newer drivers fully comply with the regulations promulgated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is a business no-brainer.

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Truck Accident Lawyer Will Help Find The Trucking Company Accountable For Your Accident

Who’s At Fault? In-depth Information On Trucking Company Accidents

The commercial trucks that drive along Texas highways fall under one of two ownership structures. The first is a situation in which the driver of the truck also owns it. The second is a situation in which the driver is just the driver and the rig is owned by a company. That company hires individuals to drive their trucks for them.

If one of these trucks is involved in an accident, the injured party may not know what to do next. They may not be sure how to get the trucking company to take responsibility for what happened. They may not know how to receive compensation for their injuries or damages. If the driver is also the owner of the truck, it is not as difficult to figure out the answers to these questions. However, if you are in a situation where the driver is just an employee, things get a little tricky.

What Does The Law Say?

Because the trucking company hired the truck driver, they are responsible if the driver is at fault in an accident. However, you must prove three conditions if you want to do so.

To start, the trucking company must employ the truck driver. Next, the driver must have been working when the accident occurred. In addition, the driver must have had permission to be behind the wheel of the truck when the accident happened.

There is also another way that the trucking company can be found to be at fault. If it is determined that they did not use reasonable care when selecting, training or working with the driver, they are to blame according to the law.

Finally, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations may also dictate that the trucking company is responsible for the driver’s negligence.

Additional Information

Since the trucking company owns the truck, they may be liable in more ways than one. For instance, if there is some type of problem with the truck, both the manufacturer of the vehicle and the trucking company could be found responsible for any accident that occurs as a result of the defect.

Another question to ask is whether or not the truck was properly maintained. If the trucking company allowed a provider to work on the vehicle, and a mistake was made, they could be found at fault if the accident resulted from that mistake. It is the trucking company’s responsibility to take care of the truck properly and ensure that it is safe to drive before the rig operator gets behind the wheel.

If you have questions or concerns, get in contact with the best truck accident attorney Corpus Christi has to offer. They can talk you through all of the above points and assist you in getting compensation.

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Address The Rules & Regulations of the Trucking Industry With Our Truck Accident Lawyer

Learn About Rules And Regulations Of The Trucking Industry And About Protecting Any Evidence Following A Semi Accident

Do you ever wonder how many semi-trucks are currently registered across the United States? It’s around 2 million. The three states of Texas, Florida, and California account for quite a few of these commercial freight vehicles. The Lone Star State, in particular, has seen quite a few big rigs join the roadways since the inception of NAFTA. However, more trucks on the Texas highways has also meant more accidents that involved a commercial truck.

Automobile And Big Rig Accidents

Unfortunately, a collision between a passenger automobile and a commercial truck is going to have catastrophic results for the passenger vehicle. The fatality rates recorded in accidents involving a semi with an automobile is far higher than any other kind of pairing of motor vehicle collisions. Additionally, an injury sustained by a driver or passenger in these automobiles are sometimes quite severe if their accident involved a semi-truck.

Truck Accident Lawsuits and Claims And Big Rig Regulations

Following a commercial truck accident, it is vital that a robust investigation happens. The scene of the actual accident is going to provide any beneficial evidence for an eventual claim that might arise from the accident involving the commercial truck. Critical evidence that supports your accident claim might be found in anything ranging from the paperwork a trucking company keeps to the mandatory records drivers maintain data on the big rig’s actual onboard computer.

Investigations following commercial trucking accidents reveal with a disturbing frequency that trucking companies or even an individual big-rig operation didn’t follow trucking regulations clearly established at a federal level. In truth, quite a few investigations discover that companies or drivers circumvent the regulations and rules they are supposedly bound by. That include falsifying records into their inspection reports and log books.

Paperwork and documentation that is maintained properly can be just as condemning as improper records when it comes to determining fault or contributing factors in an accident. For instance, some records might demonstrate missed warning signs regarding the truck condition prior to an accident happening, possibly indicating matters a driver or company didn’t act on.

Records must also be accurate regarding how long a driver has actually been out on the road in one given period. Minimum rest periods are triggered after a certain amount of driving time, and those are set by federal regulations. Log books documenting the service hours are often fudged in order to gloss over violations of safety rules.

The Preservation Of Any Evidence

Evidence and records regarding an accident are so vital and critically important, that you need to make sure that such evidence actually gets preserved. On top of this, the physical condition of the actual tractor-trailer might play an instrumental role in the wreck.

Some trucking companies try to repair their semi-truck pretty quickly following an accident so that they can prevent an independent and objective investigation of that vehicle. While that strategy might serve the interests of the trucking company, it results in a loss of critical evidence you might need. This is a set of circumstances where it might take an actual court order to preserve and protect crucial evidence.

The extent and very nature of any evidence related to a commercial truck accident, as well as the possibility of its destruction, loss, or alteration, just further underscores your needing to take a very proactive stance. Winning rounds of your legal battle are much easier with the right accident attorney at your side.

Contact A Reputable Corpus Christi Truck Accident Attorney

Your first step in any process of seeking the compensation you deserve following an injury accident to schedule your initial consultation with a Corpus Christi truck accident attorney. This consultation should always be free of charge so you can sit down with a legal professional and talk about your case.

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Is Commercial Truck Training Enough To Prevent A Visit To A Truck Accident Attorney In Corpus Christi?

Is Commercial Truck Training Sufficient To Prevent Big Rig Crashes

Drivers of big rigs literally log millions and millions of road miles annually, as indicated by the United States Department of Transportation. Texas is among the top-ranked states in terms of total heavy truck miles driven each year.

Not only are large commercial trucks everywhere these days, they are huge, highly complicated machines. In order to safely and correctly drive a vehicle that weighs more than 80,000 pounds at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour, it is necessary to undergo substantial training. However, the current level of training required to become a licensed and certified commercial truck operator is seen by many as being too brief and limited in nature. The fact is that most commercial truck drivers participate in little more than four or five weeks in training.

Heavy Truck Crashes And Driver Error

The factors leading up to heavy truck accidents has been a subject of an increasing amount of research in recent years. Certain studies have suggested that nearly 9 out of every 10 such wrecks is the result of driver error. It may be the case that driver mistakes are exacerbated by another factor of one type or another, but driver misjudgments or other errors are almost always a precipitating element in commercial trucking accidents.

It is frequently the case that a commercial operator is trained through a truck driving school. Many such institutions provide instruction in things such as map reading, compliance with laws, safe truck operation and planning of trips. Many observers believe that training processes are plagued with corner cutting and cost-saving measures. Trucking firms and drivers themselves have a vested interest in hitting the road as soon as possible, perhaps at the expense of safety.

Whenever a commercial trucking collision occurs, it begs the question of whether the driver at issue was properly and sufficiently trained. Most truck driving schools adhere to the Proposed Minimum Standards for Training Tractor-Trailer Drivers, promulgated by the Department of Transportation. This course of training provides for 150 hours of actual training, 80 hours of “advanced” training and 150 hours of an externship experience.

Inadequacies Of Truck Driver Training

If a commercial truck is involved in an accident and initial signs point to driver error, any subsequent investigation will require a review of the training he or she received. Scrutiny will be given to educational training records and whether or not the training in question was in sync with federal standards.

An investigation of this sort must commence as soon as possible after the accident event itself. However, there is an alarming number of situations every year in which training records are fraudulently adjusted to cast a better light on the driver’s training experience.

Deadly Nature Of Truck Accidents

Research has shown that more than 1 of every 10 deadly accidents are those in which heavy commercial trucks are involved. The lion’s share of fatalities are suffered by individuals in passenger vehicles. Nearly a quarter of all passenger vehicle deaths are caused by semi-trucks.

Driver Shortages

Considering how devastating commercial truck accidents can be, driver training has assumed an even more urgent sense of importance. A dearth of proper training and a driver shortage have combined to create the perfect storm in which operators tend to get on the road before they are truly ready.

The truck operator shortage has been estimated at approximately 48,000 in the United States. The lack of appropriate numbers of drivers has caused too many entities to skirt the rules and put trucks on the road with potentially unsafe operators behind the wheel. The increased demand for driver recruits is evidenced by the proliferation of tv and radio advertising from trucking companies.

Securing The Help Of A Truck Crash Attorney

A truck accident lawyer in Corpus Christi understands how a proper investigation of a commercial truck operator’s training history should be conducted. If you have been harmed in a heavy truck accident and are considering legal action, call for a no-cost consultation and a review of the facts of your case. A trucking accident lawyer will be able to examine what occurred in your crash and provide crucial information about your legal options.

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Addressing Big Rig Truck Accidents Involving A Lane Change

Assessing Liability In Lane Change Truck Crashes

When you have the misfortune of being in a lane change truck collision, one of the most important tasks is determining who bears responsibility for what happened. In legal terms, this is referred to as assigning liability.

After it is decided which party was to blame in a crash of this nature, those involved can begin to address a host of other concerns. These encompass things such as conducting examinations of physical injuries, monetary damages and other sorts of loss sustained as a result of the commercial truck accident.

Typical Scenarios In Heavy Truck Lane Change Crashes

Numerous situations exist in which a heavy truck operator can be deemed responsible for a serious lane change collision. Failure to utilize the truck’s turn signal is one such scenario. Another is one in which a truck driver is moving excessively fast or decides to make an ill-advised lane change in the middle of an intersection. Weaving in and out of traffic is another way in which big rig drivers are known to cause catastrophic trucking incidents.

Key Factors In Big Rig Crashes Involving Lane Changes

Unfortunately, there is also a wide range of factors capable of precipitating a heavy truck lane change crash. Among these are driver distraction due to texting, phone conversations, radio adjustments, eating, drinking, and grooming. Furthermore, driver intoxication or fatigue can prove deadly when they take hold of heavy truck operators. Sadly, far too many drivers ignore federal regulations designed to limit hours behind the wheel and impose minimum periods of rest.

Commonly Seen Types of Heavy Truck Lane Change Crashes

A typical sort of heavy truck accident on the roadways is that which is characterized by a rear-end collision that occurs during a lane change itself. There are also far too many incidents in which sideswipe or angled crashes dangerously unfold. While each sort of collision is able to produce devastating outcomes, those in which a sideswipe crash occurs tend to cause the most profound harm.

Proving Fault In Heavy Truck Crash Cases

Truck accident cases involve four key legal elements in terms of proving liability, including that regarding the driver’s duty to exercise due care. Commercial truck operators are required to drive in a manner that is reasonably safe.

Eyewitness accounts of accidents can be pivotal in proving fault. If you happen to find yourself in the unfortunate position of being in a truck crash, do your best to obtain contact information from any and all on-site witnesses. Police officers can not always be counted on to obtain this on your behalf.

A driver who changes lanes while moving too quickly or when another car is already in the target lane can be deemed a serious breach of the duty of care and can lead to a determination of liability.

It is important to note that anyone who files a personal injury lawsuit after a truck crash will need to establish damages that have resulted from the incident. These may include things such as medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering and other types of loss.

Ultimately, a truck accident attorney in Corpus Christi is the best position to provide valuable guidance and legal insights in the aftermath of a serious truck accident. If you have been harmed in such an event, scheduling a consultation as soon as possible is essential. Call now for immediate assistance or contact us here.

What You Should Know About Handling An 18-Wheeler Accident Case On Your Own

Insight On Handling Your Own 18-Wheeler Accident Case

If you drive an 18-wheeler and you’re in a wreck, you may consider pursuing the claim all on your own. However, there are some specific factors that you need to keep in mind when it comes to doing it yourself instead of hiring an attorney.

Taking On Insurance Companies

After the wreck with an 18-wheeler, you’ll have to file and pursue the claim with the insurance company. You’ll have to understand that the insurance company is in the business of making money for their shareholders, not for paying out your claim. Insurers will earn more when the payout amount is decreased in a settlement. This includes your 18-wheeler accident.

If you’ve chosen to handle your own 18-wheeler case, you’ll have to be prepared to take on the insurance company during the process for the claims settlement. You’ll need to fully understand how the insurance company works and the tactics that they use to reach a fair settlement with your 18-wheeler case.

Court Procedures And Personal Injury Laws

Another important thing that you’ll want to consider, is that there are many complexities regarding personal injury law as well as in litigation.

Even if you’re going to represent yourself, you’ll still have to have all of the right legal documents and prepare them properly. You’ll also have to understand how court proceedings work and be prepared to represent yourself in the courtroom.

The court may give you a bit of slack if you make a few minor errors, however, in the long run, the more mistakes that you make, the worse you’re going to fair. You may even face sanctions if you really mess it up. You also risk the courts dismissing your case.

Hiring A Lawyer, Your Attorney Fees, The Final Settlement

The most important reason that you may want to handle your own case is to maximize the compensation of your case. However, 18-wheeler accidents can be very touchy. You’ll want to ensure that you have all of the right details cared for and you don’t want to reduce your fees due to an attorney’s fees.

Sadly more often than not, you may wind up hiring an attorney in order to gain more compensation. In this fashion, an attorney may be able to go for more compensation than you can go for all on your own.

Most attorney’s also use a contingency fee plan so that you will only pay them if you win. This ensures that the attorney is going to go to bat for you on all accords. This will often get you a better judgment.

Also, there are times that medical costs will be repaid to the hospital or doctor under what is referred to as a contractual subrogation. You’ll have to handle this reimbursement if you are representing yourself. Attorney’s can do this for you if you hire an attorney. That will save you from having to deal with the medical end of things.

Worry And Stress

When you hire an attorney that has experience regarding a personal injury suit from a trucking wreck, you’re reducing your stress and you’re going to be able to focus on your recovery and in some cases, your grieving process. Per studies, you’ll have more compensation if you hire an attorney than if you do it yourself.

Get a head start by contacting The Law Offices of Jerry J. Trevino today! Or you can call now for your free case evaluation!

Texas Lawmakers Finally Put A Stop To Texting & Driving

Finally the Governor of Texas and Lawmakers Ban Texting and Driving

It took quite some time as well an enormous effort by two lawmakers, however, a sensible ban on texting while driving has finally been embraced by Texas. Were it not for then Governor Rick Perry who dropped his veto hammer on the ban of texting-while-driving which both chambers had cleared, this would have been done six years ago. Perry did not want the “behavior of audits to be micromanaged” by big government, adults who already are not allowed to do tequila shots and chug a beer as theY drive, those who muse respect speed limits that are state-imposed and wear a seatbelt.

No such overwrought nanny-state concerns were expressed by Governor Greg Abbott. As a matter of fact, it is Abbot´s goal to micromanage the dozens of cities which have imposed texting bans that are stricter prior to Texas coming to its senses and following 46 other states as well as the District of Columbia´s lead. Alright, a Republican governor in a red state which still obsesses over what bathroom should be used by transgender citizens may find “micromanage” to be an offensive choice of words.

To put it simply, what Abbott wants to do is to tidy things up a bit by creating an anti-texting law which is uniform and will help avoid confusion. And to be fair, this actually makes perfect sense. On Tuesday Abbott explained: “We are in no need of a patchwork quilt of regulations dictating the driving practices in Texas. That being said, it will not come as a surprise to witness a few cities or counties balking at the Johnny-come-lately state law that will preempt the much broader restrictions which they have in place against the use of mobile devices in vehicles.

Austin makes for the perfect example. The state´s capital city, in 2014 embraced proudly a comprehensive ban on the use of mobile devices in vehicles. At that time, the Austin Police Department stated the following in a release: “Austin is leading our state of Texas in an effort to help drivers refocus on the task of driving. What the hands-free initiative aims to do is increase safety by decreasing the amount of distracted driving, this includes all activities which could divert the driver’s attention from their main task of driving.” What the hands-free ordinance prohibits is any electronics, meaning cell phones to handheld games, the ordinance applied to bike riders as well.

The statewide texting ban which was hard-won and just signed by Abbott doesn’t even go that far. All it does is make it illegal for a driver to “send, read, or write an electronic message as they operate a motor vehicle unless of course, the vehicle is not in motion.” Violators of this ban will be cited and could face fines for their first offense of $25 to $99.

The ban will be taking effect September 1, marking the end of a battle taken on by state Senator Judith Zaffirini, D-Laredo, as well as state Representative Tom Craddick, R-Midland, and others which lasted a decade. In a statement Craddick said: “The governor is, by enacting this legislation for public safety, saving lives by deterring this behavior that is dangerous and deadly. Texas has for quite a long time, needed this law to prevent the unnecessary loss of life in crashes that could be prevented, and we finally have it.”

The last time I wrote on this subject was back in March, I wrote a sentence which I took out and soon regretted it. “What will have to happen so that Texas will finally realize that something must be done about distracted drivers? Perhaps we will have to wait until someone crashes into a school bus packed with children.” It came across to me a tad sensational, so I switched it around using gentler words.

The very same day that my column was published online, a church bus packed with seniors down on Uvalde County was crashed into by a pickup truck driver. There were thirteen lives lost. The driver explained to a witness and later on to NTSB investigators that when the crash occurred, he was looking at his phone reading a text.

A witness to the crash that occurred on March 29, Jody Kuchler told the San Antonio Express-News that he had spoken with Jack Dillon Young, the driver as he was still pinned in his pickup. Kuchler said: “He kept saying, ‘I’m sorry, so sorry, I was sending a text on my phone.’ I told him, ‘Son, do you have any idea of what you just did?´ And he just kept saying, ‘I´m sorry.”

Sure, several medications were found by investigators in the front seat of Young´s pickup, these could have played a role in the fatal accident. The Texas Department of Public Safety, in their search warrant affidavit, stated that Young´s erratic driving could have been due to intoxication from “alcohol, a dangerous drug, a controlled substance, or a combination”. Could you imagine a person in that condition who on top of it is trying to text, as they drive a vehicle?

Ross Allen, a man who in that crash lost his father, proceed to not only file a lawsuit against the driver but also to sound the alarm for a statewide texting ban. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2015 3,91,000 people were injured and 3,477 people were killed in car accidents that involved distracted drivers. If involved in one, it is always best to contact an auto accident attorney.

Although a new law will not put a definitive end to texting and driving, no more than a speed limit will keep motorists from driving like maniacs sometimes; or DWI laws preventing all drivers from excessively drinking on occasion and getting behind the wheel. However, the right message is being sent by the Lone Star State to all drivers, not only minors: There will no longer be a tolerance for texting while driving anywhere in Texas. To this, I say, better late than never.

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