Why You Should Hire A Wrongful Death Attorney In Corpus Christi

Benefits Of Hiring A Wrongful Death Lawyer

One of the major challenges of filing a wrongful death lawsuit is deciding whether or not you should pursue the case to trial. Most people going through such a tragedy do not like want a dragged out court case. Luckily, these cases almost never require an actual trial.

Why should you even file a lawsuit?

If you have a family member who was killed as a result of someone’s negligence, then it is your right to ensure that justice prevails and your family is taken care of. Holding the liable party or parties responsible for a wrongful death claim is beneficial in many ways.

It can compensate your family for the loss you have suffered and may also lead to better safety standards or installation of laws that tighten regulations to stop similar occurrences from happening. Additionally, the compensation you get after winning a wrongful death lawsuit will help with the following:

Financial upkeep that may have been interrupted due to the death of a loved one who was the family’s breadwinner.

  • Punitive damages against the wrongdoers
  • Covers medical and funeral expenses
  • Pain, suffering and mental anguish
  • Loss of companionship, loss of inheritance and/or loss of consortium due to an untimely death

Why do I need an attorney?

Did you know that only 3% of all wrongful death cases go to trial? The rest of the cases are usually settled without having to go to trial. You need to always remember that you cannot go through the process on your own and expect a fair settlement.

The other party will have a team of lawyers ready to counter your accusations. Keep in mind that insurance companies are ruthless and will fight you tooth and nail if you don’t have a lawyer.

Looking for an experienced wrongful death lawyer is also very important as the law surrounding such cases is usually very intricate and complicated. Being represented by a wrongful death lawyer is really your only chance at fair compensation.

An attorney will draft a lawsuit citing relevant case law, estimate current and future damages and send a demand letter to the lawyer of the negligent party. This letter should lay out what you want to do as a plaintiff. This will help you have a better chance at a favorable negotiation process and reasonable settlement.

You have to accept that you have no negotiating power over the insurance company and without a lawyer, they will not be afraid of you. Your fear of lawyers’ fees should not make you handle this case on your own. You need to remember that you get only one chance at a lawsuit and you cannot afford to risk it.

Even with attorney’s fees, you are potentially looking at a significantly larger settlement than you could ever get on your own. The Law Offices of Jerry J. Trevino would like to help you every step of the way. Just call us today or fill in our web form and send it to us for your free initial consultation.

We are here to help you seek justice and compensation your family rightfully deserves. The best way to ensure that negligent parties are made responsible for their actions is by seeking the services of a skillful wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible.

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