Texas Personal Injury Attorney: Serving San Antonio, TX, McAllen, And Harlingen

If you have been in an accident and were injured through no fault of your own, then you might be able to receive compensation for the injuries you have sustained, your medical expenses, the time you had to miss from work and more. It is always stressful to be involved in an accident but this experience shouldn’t cause you further anxiety going forward.  Talk to a San Antonio, TX personal injury attorney who cares about you and who is interested in helping you.  We serve San Antonio, TX, McAllen, and Harlingen, and have been practicing for over twenty years.  We have helped thousands of clients, and are fully committed to ensuring they receive a settlement in order to help mitigate their expenses that are associated with the injuries they have sustained.  No matter how you were injured, we can assist you.  We can discuss your case with you and will be there with you each step along the way, to provide advice and support as you are navigating through the complex legal system.

After you contact us, you will be our priority.  If you are able, you can come visit us at our office, but we can go to you as well.  After asking us to represent your case, we will start taking an in-depth look at your case.  For example, we might request police documents, take pictures, speak to witnesses and do everything we can to secure the evidence needed to get a settlement for you.  Our staff has the necessary knowledge and experience to obtain the information that is needed.  If your case ends up going to trial, we can call experts who will discuss the particulars of your case, such as accident reconstruction engineers and personal health advisers.  We do everything we can to help ensure that you receive the settlement that you need and deserve.

Contact us as soon as you can after the accident occurs.  We will be very happy to consult with you in person or over the phone to help you determine whether or not to go forward with a case.  Time is critical; evidence must be collected quickly before individuals have difficulty remembering exactly what took place.  You are definitely not alone.  We are here to help you every step of the way while working towards getting the compensation for you that you deserve and need.