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What Documents Do I Need To Make A Personal Injury Claim?

Corpus Christi Injury Attorney: What Documents Do You Need to File a Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury or accident claim requires several types of documents. The documents that you will need will be determined by the type of accident, the nature of the accident, the damage that was sustained in the accident and the injury that occurred. Consult your Corpus Christi Personal Injury Attorney to find out any further documentation that may be required and how to obtain the documents. Let’s take a look at the most common documents that are needed for a personal injury claim.

Police Reports

Police reports are public record and once completed are available to everyone. It is important to note that each accident may have more than one police report, especially if there were more than one law enforcement agencies at the scene of the accident. In addition to a police report, an accident reconstruction report may be made by the police department’s special division that responded to the accident. It is important to note that police reports are not conclusive; however, they are a great place for clients to start. These reports may lead to other reports that were prepared by agencies and labs that were used by the law enforcement agency that worked the scene of the accident.

Witness Statements

Witness statements are gathered by individuals who heard or saw the accident. Witnesses may also include persons that have relevant information about the accident, such as why the accident happened, the people involved and other witnesses who may not have been initially interviewed. Witness statements can be taken from different sources like the investigating police officer, law important agencies, federal oversight agencies with jurisdiction at the scene of the injury, the injured parties and their legal representation. The Federal or State Highway Administration may want the accident documented if the accident occurs on a federal or state highway. If the accident involves an airplane, the Federal Aviation Administration may also document the accident. As you can see, there are many different legal divisions that may have witness statements so you need to be thorough when gathering witness statements. Your Corpus Christi Personal Injury Attorney can provide guidance on the different agencies that may have gathered witness statements.

Victim Or Client Statements

One of the most important documents when it comes to an accident or personal injury claim is a victim/client statement. This document should be given when the victim can best recall the events surrounding the accident. Your Corpus Christi Personal Injury Attorney will work to find out if the victim has made a prior statement to any other party other than their team of legal representatives. It is possible that the client may have accidentally given information to another individual that could alter the value of their claim or even who is at fault. Our post-accident template will help you journal the way the accident has affected your life, including reduced daily capabilities, lost time at work, travel and medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Medical Reports

Medical reports including any emergency room visits, autopsy reports, rehabilitation reports and doctor reports should be gathered. These reports should include the period of time that the injured party was under physician care and should include all information about the injuries that were sustained during the accident as well as any ongoing issues related to the accident. Records of other parties in the accident may also be obtained. Furthermore, medical records can uncover pre-existing medical conditions that could have resulted in the accident, activities that the patient should not participate in and more. These facts can be extremely relevant to filing a claim. In addition to this, these records can help determine the amount of money that can be collected for medical treatments.

Photographs and Videography

Photos and videos of the accident can be extremely helpful. These may include images taken before, during and after an accident. Many locations have video cameras to help monitor traffic patterns, storefronts and more. These videos are typically time-stamped and will provide images relating to the accident. In addition to video footage, the photographs taken after an accident will help to prove the severity of the accident and the injuries that were sustained during an accident.

Private Investigation Reports

Private investigators are often hired by insurance companies or parties involved in the accident. If the private investigator is hired by a company the report will be obtained through discovery. Discovery states that all documents must be turned over to both parties before the case can be heard. However, it should be noted that most personal injury cases are settled before the trial thanks to discovery. Private investigation reports may show who was liable and provide more information than a police report.

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Why am I Being Offered So Little by the Insurance Company? Consult a Corpus Christi Personal Injury Attorney

When an injury occurs due to the neglect of another person or a business, a claim for personal injury insurance may be pursued. After all, you want to be compensated for the losses that have occurred in your life.

Often, the insurance company will try to settle the claim and you may wonder why they are offering such a small amount of money. This is something that baffles many people but it occurs on an ongoing basis and when somebody is injured, they often find themselves facing the same difficulty.

There is a simple reason why this occurs; insurance companies are big business and they are only in it to make a profit.

When an accident occurs, most people feel as if the insurance company is there to take care of your injuries, pay for any damages and to compensate you for the losses that may have taken place. After all, they make themselves appear so nice on their commercials. The reality of the situation, however, is quite different. The insurance company does not exist to pay out claims for accidents.

The insurance company is in business for a much different reason. Like any large business, they have shareholders and they will do anything to keep those shareholders happy and profitable. When an insurance company pays out a claim, it hurts the shareholders and that is why they will often look to pay a far lower amount than what they should.

Most people are surprised with the lengths that insurance companies will go to in order to reduce settlement costs. In most cases, they throw out a lowball figure and hope that you will simply sign on the dotted line.

It also has a lot to do with smaller claims, something that may be the case for you. When a minor injury occurs, they realize that you are more likely to take the lowball claim offer because it’s going to cost you money to take it to court. Insurance companies have used this to their benefit far too often and it is often to the detriment of the injured.

The insurance company has already calculated the cost that you would have to pay for an attorney and they realize that most people are not willing to go through the effort when they have an offer on the table. When that is the case, the attorney that may be involved and the person that has been injured are often left without options, or at least the insurance company would like them to think so.

Unfortunately, many people tend to lock themselves into a settlement and it can cost them in the long run. Anytime an injury takes place when somebody else is negligent, the insurance company is going to contact you very quickly. If a claim has already been filed, then you have probably already heard from the insurance company at that point.

The problem comes in when the insured individual receives a phone call and it seems as if the insurance company is doing everything they possibly can to help them. Far too often, the insured ends up speaking too much and it can limit their ability to receive a higher settlement. Insurance companies are well aware of the fact that if they strike first and strike quickly, they will often lock the insured into a settlement before they are able to speak with a lawyer.

When an insurance adjuster calls, most people simply talk freely and they may even discuss specifics, even before they realize exactly what has occurred as far as injuries are concerned. If you do this before you contact a Corpus Christi personal injury attorney, you are limiting how much money you will be compensated for your injuries.

You can always speak to a personal injury lawyer at no cost and they can help you to take the appropriate steps. They can talk to you prior to the time that you speak to the insurance company.

Talking About the Claim Before You Know Your Injuries

Many victims of accidents will talk in detail about their injuries and this often means that they are limiting the number of injuries they can be compensated for due to the accident.

In many accidents, a person is transported to the emergency room by an ambulance. Emergency rooms are not there to check an individual when they were in a fender bender; they are there to deal with life-threatening emergencies. If your injuries are not life-threatening, they will simply let you go and give you some instructions, which are the same instructions as they give to anyone else. Basically, they tell you to see your doctor.

When you see a doctor, additional testing may be done and then the true nature of the injuries become apparent. If you talk about your injuries prior to the time that you know what they truly are, you will be offered a lowball compensation.

Don’t Attempt This Without a Lawyer

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are in an accident is to try to deal with the insurance company on their own. This is playing right into the hand of the insurance company and they may even try to talk you out of hiring an attorney.

They’ll tell you that the attorney is just going to take a percentage of your money and will do everything to take that leverage away from you. They understand that an attorney is going to get you fair compensation and they realize that they can get you the damage your case by simply opening up to them.

Choose The Right Corpus Christi Personal Injury Attorney

You’re going to get a lot of advice from friends and family when you are in an accident. They may tell you about somebody who handles personal injury cases or they may simply turn you on to an attorney that will accept a global settlement to make a quick dollar. If you don’t feel as if you’re being treated in a fair way by the law firm, then you can’t expect to be compensated properly by the insurance company.

Insurance companies are well aware of the attorneys that work in their area and how successful they are. When you have an attorney on your side that is known for settling cases for appropriate compensation, you have someone in your corner that will work well for you.

Always look into the attorney carefully prior to signing on the dotted line. If you don’t agree with their tactics, you can fire the attorney but know that you are still responsible for work done when they did it on a retainer.

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