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To Call Or Not To Call? That Is The Question

Contacting Your Car Insurance Agent Following A Car Accident

Most people don’t plan on being in a car accident. With some luck and taking a safe approach to driving on a regular basis, you might go your whole life without being involved in an accident. However, the reality of the situation is that every time you get behind the wheel of your car, there is the risk that you will get into a crash. That is why it is so important for you to know ahead of time what steps to take if you have gotten involved in an auto accident.

What Steps Should I Take Following A Car Accident?

If you become involved in a car accident there are several different steps that you need to take. The first thing you need to do is ensure your own personal safety as well as the safety of anyone else around you while you are at the accident scene still. If anybody is in need of medical attention, be sure that the EMS is contact to come out to the scene of the accident.

After all safety needs have been addressed, the next thing you should do is exchange pertinent information with the other individuals at the accident scene, like contact information for every individual involved, insurance policy details and driver’s license information. You should also get the badge numbers of the law enforcement officers who arrive at the scene and contract information for any individuals who witnessed the accident. You should also contact a personal injury attorney.

Why Do I Need To Contact My Insurance Agent?

You also need to contact your auto insurance agent. You can do this after you get home from the scene of the accident, or even on the following day. It is very important to get in touch with your insurance agent even when you think that the other driver caused the accident, and you are intending on pursuing an insurance claim against the driver’s insurance company and the driver. That is due to the benefits that are available to your via your insurance policy that you might need to use eventually.

For instance, even when you think that the other driver was at fault in the accident, the other driver’s insurance company might not agree. You will also need your insurance to provide the authorization to your auto repair shop for repairs in order to get your car fixed. If the insurance company for the other driver disputes fault for the accident, then they might not be willing to agree to pay for your repairs immediately. You might also need to have a rental vehicle while your car is being repaired. Your insurance company may pay for the rental vehicle and repairs at this point, depending on what kind of insurance coverage you happen to have. However, your insurance company will only be able to do these things if you have informed your insurance agent about your accident.

It is even more important to notify your insurance company about an accident you were involved in when there is a situation where the other driver might not have any car insurance. Depending on what your policy’s details are, you might be entitle to compensation from your auto insurance company under the policy’s uninsured motorist coverage. It is not only important to contact your insurance when in situations when you are attempting to get your car fixed after an accident. For example, if you were injured during the accident, you might incur medical expenses by having to visit your doctor, the emergency room, or to receive physical therapy or other types of treatment.

Medical treatment can be quite expensive and most of us can’t afford to pay for it out of our pocket. Depending on what kind of car insurance coverage you have and state you live in, you might be entitled to receive benefits from your car insurance company that will help pay for the medical expenses. Your insurance agent can provide you with the details on what coverage you have, so you need to make that call right away.

What Information Will I Need To Give To My Car Insurance Agent?

When contacting your insurance agent, be prepared to give them the following information:

  • Name, telephone number and address for any other drivers and occupants in the vehicle that were involved in the auto accident
  • Other drivers insurance policy information
  • Law enforcement agency that responded to the accident (State Highway Patrol, County Sheriff, Municipal Policy)
  • Date, time and where the accident occurred.

Do I Need A Personal Injury Attorney?

You might be able hand a very simple car accident claim yourself – for example, if you suffered just minor injuries and the insurance adjuster for the other driver accepts liability. However, if there are any significant injuries involved in your case or the other side is claiming you are at fault for the auto accident, then you will want to have an experienced attorney and a well-versed firm working on your behalf.

Job Injuries As A Result of Equipment Failure On The Job

Workplace Injuries Resulting From Equipment Problems

The fact of the matter is that some jobs have greater inherent dangers to those engaged in them than others do. For example, those working in mines, oil rigs and even on construction sites face a substantially increased risk of sustaining serious harm. Incidents of this nature can occur at any time, and unfortunately, they regularly do.

Among the most typical causes of workplace injuries is the failure of equipment being used on the job. Equipment that does not function in the manner it was designed to do can prove extremely hazardous. Bone fractures, cuts, nerve damage, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, hazmat exposure, deep wounds and other calamities can all be produced as a result of failed occupational equipment. Unfortunately, many workers are involved in these types of accidents every day and are left wondering if they are able to pursue a case for workman’s compensation.

Typical Reasons for Failures Involving Equipment

There is a wide array of reasons why equipment can fail on a work site. Sadly, when such a scenario develops, the consequences can be devastating. Common causes of events of this nature include:

  • Component wear and tear
  • Defective design or manufacture
  • Lack of worker training
  • Improper maintenance
  • Operator error
  • Negligence

Will Workers’ Compensation Help if Injury Occurs?

An employer has an obligation to keep the workplace safe for those they hire. In addition, they must offer all necessary training on the equipment expected to be used. If a worker suffers serious injuries or worse because a piece of equipment failed, victims and perhaps their survivors are afforded the right to pursue monetary compensation. Workers’ compensation exists as a means to pay for lost wages and medical bills incurred in the aftermath of the accident. Benefits under such programs are paid on a no-fault basis, meaning that there is no need to prove negligence in order to receive payment.

There are some situations in which an employer will not be legally obligated to have workers’ compensation insurance coverage. However, those who chose not to purchase such a policy remain very vulnerable should an accident occur. This is because an employee harmed on the work site may choose to explore civil litigation in order to receive the resources necessary to heal. At this point seeking professional legal advice to find out if you have a case should be your #1 priority.

Third-Party Litigation and Liability Claims in Workplace Injury Matters

If it is determined that the failure of a specific piece of equipment is to blame for serious harm sustained, it is often possible for that worker to initiate a third-party claim against the company responsible for producing and selling that equipment. Manufacturing companies have a duty to place safe products into the stream of commerce, and those failing to do so may be liable under products liability or other theories of negligence. Suits of this type can be undertaken in tandem with a traditional workers’ compensation claim, ensuring that an injured worker has a fair chance at receiving the full amount of financial recovery deserved.

In all such cases, the help of a seasoned injury lawyer can be truly invaluable in terms of assembling evidence and mounting effective arguments. Those who have suffered due to workplace equipment failures are encouraged to contact a personal injury lawyer Corpus Christi residents have come to trust.